About us

BybitBulls is a group of crypto friends with the same passion, namely scalping BTC and ETH with leverage trading. Together we also run a Dutch VIP channel where we call altcoins but mainly focus on the educational part of trading. From there, the idea also arose to offer our leverage calls internationally.

We have deliberately chosen not to chat with the BybitBulls (for the time being) as we are busy enough in our Dutch channel. And that’s why our BybitBulls VIP is free for anyone who registers on Bybit and makes a deposit via our link. After all, we do not have to earn extra on a $ 100 month subscription. We are confident in our calls that we earn enough from the fees we receive from Bybit. A nice win-win situation that benefits us together.

VIP member for free

1. Create account on Bybit
2. Make a deposit
3. Fill in this form
4. Trade with us on the Bybit account

$300 for lifetime VIP member

If you already have an account on Bybit and KYC (without KYC you can create a new account), you can become a lifetime member for one-time $ 300. fill in this form

How can we help you?

If you have a question or suggestion, feel free to contact me via Telegram.

In the first week I saw my portfolio grow by more than 30%. My first impression is very positive and would definitely recommend this group.


We have no controle over the price, but we can help you grow your trading stack