Our services

We are mainly concerned with scalping BTC on Bybit. In addition, when the market allows, we will also scalpe on the other assets (ETH, XRP, EOS & USDT) available on Bybit. We always traded the scalp trades on cross leverage. You must manually enter scalp trades into your account.

We will also place swing trades every now and then. Here the amount of the leverage is stated for each trade and these can be followed automatically via Cornix.

The calls we place will always contain a chart. With the scalp calls, purchasing zone is yellow (deviate 1 to 3 dollars), SL is pink and targets marked gray are on the chart. With the swing trades they are in the text so that Cornix can pick them up. In the images below you can see how the call is placed in the Telegram channel.

example scalp BybitBulls
example swingtrade BybitBulls

Join our VIP

We are different then other groups, with us everyone has the opportunity to stay in the VIP of BybitBulls for free for life. All we ask from you is to create an account on Bybit through us and make a deposit (no minimum).

If you already have an account on Bybit (and don’t want to create a new one) you can join the VIP for $ 300 for lifetime access. Follow the steps below to become a member of BybitBulls for life.

VIP member for free

1. Create account on Bybit
2. Make a deposit
3. Fill in this form
4. Trade with us on the Bybit account

$300 for lifetime VIP member

If you already have an account on Bybit and KYC (without KYC you can create a new account), you can become a lifetime member for one-time $ 300. fill in this form

How can we help you?

If you have a question or suggestion, feel free to contact me via Telegram.

In the first week I saw my portfolio grow by more than 30%. My first impression is very positive and would definitely recommend this group.


We have no controle over the price, but we can help you grow your trading stack