Our results

Here you can view our monthly results. In the first graph you can see the maximum profit compared to the loss at the marked SL.

The second graph shows how many winning trades there are compared to losing trades per month

  • Max. % profit
  • % losses
  • Winrate %
  • Winning trades
  • Losing trades

The graphs above are based on the maximum profits compared to the stop losses. Below you can view the monthly Excel sheets which show exactly which target has been hit and what the associated percentages were. Click on the image to see the results in large format.We try to be as transparent as possible and rely on our in-house knowledge. Which VIP group gives you the opportunity to join for free? Let’s meet nice profits together.

How can we help you?

If you have a question or suggestion, feel free to contact me via Telegram.

In the first week I saw my portfolio grow by more than 30%. My first impression is very positive and would definitely recommend this group.


We have no controle over the price, but we can help you grow your trading stack